75 Contoh Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN 2024 Terbaru dengan Jawaban -

- Contoh tes bahasa Inggris BUMN 2024 bisa kamu pelajari untuk menghadapi ujian demi mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal.

Tes yang kali ini menjadi salah satu tahap yang wajib dilalui peserta untuk lolos dan bekerja sebagai karyawan BUMN.

Untuk kamu yang mendaftar seleksi bersama BUMN dan memiliki jenjang pendidikan Diploma, Sarjana, atau Magister, salah satu bentuk tesnya adalah tes bahasa Inggris.

Tes ini dilaksanakan setelah pengumuman tes online tahap 1.

75 Contoh Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN 2024 Terbaru dengan Jawaban

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1. The manager was deeply concerned as his production numbers were _____.

A. Falling out

B. Falling off

C. Falling through

D. Falling over

2.  We attended the painting exhibition _____ the rain.

A. Although

B. Because

C. Despite of

D. In spite of

3. Amanda Way’s career as a social reformer _____ in 1851 when, at an antislavery meeting in Indiana, she called for a state woman’s rights convention.

A. To have begun

B. Have begun

C. Began

D. Begin

4. He _____ a book when I arrived.

A. Is reading

B. Reading

C. Read

D. Was reading

5. Forests stabilize _____ and retain precipitation, thereby helping to prevent erosion and regulate the flow of streams.

A. To the soil

B. Where the soil

C. The soil

D. The soil is

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6. _____ Miss Eleanor nor Mr. Park will attend the annual workshop next Thursday.

A. Neither

B. Either

C. Not only

D. Both

7. _____ the Dollar as its monetary unit in 1878.

A. Adopted by Canada

B. Canada adopted

C. The Canadian adoption of

D. It was adopted by Canada

8. The celesta, an orchestral percussion instrument, resembles _____.

A. As a small upright piano

B. A small upright piano is

C. How a small upright piano

D. A small upright piano

9. The history teacher _____ at school.

A. Are working

B. Works

C. Going to work

D. Working

10. Astronomers estimate _____ called the Pleiades in the constellation Taurus is 415 light-years away from Earth.

A. Cluster of stars

B. That is a loose cluster of stars

C. That a loose cluster of stars

D. There is a loose cluster of stars

11. Dad: “When did you realize you had lost your wallet?”

Me: “When I _____ it to pay the conductor.”

A. Had needed

B. Was needing

C. Am needing

D. Have needing

12. The Glass Mountains of northwestern Oklahoma _____ with flecks of gypsum, which shine in the sunlight.

A. Covered them

B. They are covered

C. That are covered

D. Are covered

13. Thomas Paine, _____, wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet that identified the American colonies with the cause of liberty.

A. Whose eloquent writing

B. Writer of eloquent

C. Writing eloquent

D. An eloquent writer

14. The CEO is meeting with the investors, as the company would like to _____ operations.

A. Expanse

B. Expend

C. Expand

D. Expense

15. One question _____ you may not have considered involves _____ low physical demands _____ computer learning. What _____ exercise? Computers certainly do not promote _____ activity.

A. About - the - of - about - physical

B. That - the - of - about - physical

C. To - that - of - about - physical

D. That - the - about - of - physical

E. Of - the - about - that - physical

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16. _____, the Alpaca, is smaller than the llama and ordinarily is not used as a beast of burden.

A. A sure-footed animal

B. It is a sure-footed animal

C. That sure-footed animal

D. A sure-footed animal that

17. Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris BUMN 17

In the United States, _____ is generally the responsibility of municipal governments.

A. Where water treatment

B. Water treatment

C. For water treatment

D. In which water treatment

18. Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris BUMN 18

Although beavers rarely remain submerged for more than two minutes, they can stay underwater _____ fifteen minutes before having to surface for air.

A. So long that

B. So long

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